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How To Fix A Loose Door Knob People often face the situation of a loose door knob. However, people really need to know what the solutions to this problem are. Sometimes, all you need is a good a solution instead of an expensive mechanic. Sometimes using super glue is the only solution. However, if you decide to do so, you will need to fix in those screws in the right place very quickly. You need to know a few safety tips at the very first. For instance, you need to safeguard the countertop of the kitchen properly and also the area where you are fixing the door knob.

How To Fix A Loose Door Knob

Reasons why the handle will not tighten

If the crew which you have inserted is tight enough, but the seal is not placing correctly, the reason behind it must be because the screw might be a bit too long. If possible, then use the proper metric screw instead of the normal standard thread. This will just lead to blind the inside of the knob or the handle.

One of the other reasons might be that the brass which is inside the thread might get a bit stripped out. If you are using low quality door knobs or plastic handles, then chances are that it might get cracked. Moreover, it is just easier to strip the hardware of the brass.

Wood hardware might get stripped or cracked. At times the actual hardware is sometimes placed on the front of the decorative drawer even before it attached to the actual drawer. As time passes by the screw might get loose and it is not possible to tighten it properly.

How To Fix A Loose Door Knob

Some easy solutions to fix loose cabinet knobs

Super glue, might seem to be the solution to everything, but you should also learn how to use it properly. If you get any of it on the cabinet door, then you might be in bit of a problem. Therefore, the key to work with superglue is to work really fast or quickly.

If you can combine tooth pick with super glue then it is going to be great. It works like wonder with nylon and plastic when the hole is highly stripped out.

Try to use some kind of another thread screw, you can easily get standard screws along with metric at any kind of local cabinet company or supply place. It is probably a good decision to tighten the screw if it is attached to the face of the drawer after you are done with that reattach the face of the drawer.

How To Fix A Loose Door Knob For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (775) 355-4771


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