Why Should You Get a Deadbolt?

Why Should You Get a Deadbolt?
Why Should You Get a Deadbolt?

You have just moved into a new home and you want it to be as safe as possible, so you have all the locks in your home replaced. This is something every new homeowner should consider to ensure members of their family are the only people who can get in. One of the main things you need to consider in this situation is whether or not to have a deadbolt lock installed. Most locksmiths would agree that deadbolts are a good idea.

While a quality deadbolt is a small part of a successful security system it is also a very important aspect of one. Did you know there are almost 2 million home burglaries per year in the United States? A substantial portion of these is a forced entry that could have been prevented if the homeowner had deadbolts on their locks?

A deadbolt extends into the door jamb and is protected via a metal strike plate, probably something you have seen a million times without thinking about it. This is effective because it reinforces the doors connection to its frame, reducing the likelihood that a burglar can force themselves in. You might be surprised to know that, when someone kicks in a door, it’s usually the frame that breaks and not the door itself.

If you are truly concerned with you and your family’s safety, you will have deadbolts installed on all the doors in your home. While they are not as convenient as locks in the doorknob, they are more secure and durable.

Also, When you have deadbolts installed, be sure to actually use them. There is no point to go through the trouble and cost of having them installed if you are going to only lock the handles. Homeowners often themselves getting robbed as a result of failing to take this simple step.

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