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Why You Should Read Reviews If You’re Looking for a Quality Locksmith in Sparks

Consumers read reviews on everything from the hair products they’re thinking of buying to automobiles. When you’re spending money to hire a Sparks locksmith, you should read reviews before picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment.

Quality is hard to find in the locksmith industry. And since you probably won’t hire dozens of locksmiths this year to give them all a test run, you’ll want to find a good one on the first try.

Finding a quality locksmith in Sparks is as easy as reading reviews.

6 Ways Reviews Can Help You Find a Quality Sparks Locksmith

1. Reviews Help You Avoid Scams

Scams rob you of your hard-earned money, and unfortunately, it’s a problem in the locksmithing industry. The Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports warned the public for years of an ongoing scam that involved companies with local phone numbers routing their calls to call centers.

The call center would route the call to an out-of-town locksmith who arrived without uniform or a marked vehicle.

When these often-untrained locksmiths arrive, they demand a much higher price, all in cash, than what was originally quoted on the phone. Reviews will help you spot these scams so that you never feel obligated or rushed to pay for a service that’s priced far above what was quoted on the phone.

2. Learn About the Company’s Customer Service

There are a lot of factors to consider when hiring a locksmith: pricing, experience, customer service and so much more. When a locksmith comes to your home, office or vehicle, they may be friendly and courteous from the start.

Once the job is complete and they move on to the next job, how will they react if their initial service failed to fix your problem?

If a lock install was done improperly or a car key they made stopped working the next day, will they correct the issue? When reading reviews, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into how the locksmith’s customer service handles issues.

  • Do they respond to complaints?
  • Do they correct issues?

When a service doesn’t meet the expectations of the customer or there was an issue with the service, you’ll be more confident in your chosen locksmith if they stand by their work and correct issues promptly

3. Understand Your Wait Time

Most people call a locksmith when they lock their keys in their car or lock themselves out of their house. Both issues are a major inconvenience. If it’s in the middle of the Nevada summer, the last thing you’ll want to do is wait out in the summer heat.

Take a close look at the reviews for timeliness.

Do people complain that their chosen locksmith in Sparks was scheduled to come out at 12 and didn’t arrive until 4?

While traffic and mishaps can cause a locksmith to run late to a job, every complaint shouldn’t mention how late the locksmith was. Look for locksmiths that have a record of:

  • Being on-time
  • Providing prompt service

4. Understand the Level of Service Offered

Everyone’s level of service needs will differ. There are some individuals who will need minimal levels of service. If you’re locked out of your home, you just need someone to unlock your door for you.

But what happens if you need a locksmith to help you change the locks in your new home?

Will the locksmith help:

  • Pick out locks that work best for your home?
  • Recommend multiple options to you?

Locksmiths provide you with guidance and direction – they’re the professionals. If you need some guidance, within reason, most quality locksmiths will go the extra mile to provide recommendations or additional services to you.

A locksmith should be able to recommend products to you that fit in your budget and meet your needs. If a locksmith will install but not recommend locks, you may want to look elsewhere.

Even during a lockout, the locksmith you choose should offer to cut you a spare key, at an additional cost, so that you have a backup key that you can rely on.

5. Insights Into Service Rates

Reviews can help you gain insight into the rates that are charged for a service. Some reviews will list their service cost, but most will simply state:

  • Fair pricing
  • Affordable
  • Great rates

Your desired locksmith should provide a quote or estimate for the service rendered. If a locksmith is unwilling to provide upfront pricing, they’re not worth doing business with.

When reading through reviews, be sure to look for reviews that may mention:

  • Price exceeding the quote or estimate given
  • Hidden fees that add to the overall price

Of course, if you’re calling for an emergency service at 2 am, there will likely be a significant increase in cost.

6. Number of Reviews

When you do a search for the company on Google, how many reviews do they have? If they’re a 10-year old business with no reviews, you may be concerned as to why no one has left a review.

But you’ll also want to be concerned if a business that’s been open for two months has hundreds of reviews.

A single locksmith can only serve 4 – 6 customers a day in most cases. If 200 customers have left reviews for a two-month-old business, chances are, the locksmith is purchasing their reviews.

If all of the reviews have been posted in the last month, this is also suspicious. Very few people take the time to leave reviews. Rarely will dozens of reviews be posted for a small locksmith company each week – it’s just unnatural.

Company reviews provide insight into businesses and the way they operate. When you read reviews, it’s important to check for feedback on all major platforms: Google, Amazon, Yelp, etc. Consistently good reviews, with a few complaints sprinkled in, means that the locksmith is doing something right.

A single negative review shouldn’t stop you from calling a locksmith. There are going to be certain customers that complain about the level of service they receive. But if the locksmith your considering has an overwhelming number of negative reviews compared to positive reviews, you may want to consider another Sparks locksmith.

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