3 Reasons To Call a Locksmith When You Are Locked Out of Your Car

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3 Reasons To Call a Locksmith When You Are Locked Out of Your Car It happens to all of us at some point. We’re walking to our car and reach in our pocket only to realize our keys aren’t there. We then realize that we have locked them in our vehicle and must find a way to get them out. If this happens to you, consider hiring a locksmith. They are a well worth the cost and here’s why. 1. Damage – You probably have no clue what you’re doing when it comes to breaking into your vehicle. If this is so, you could cause damage to your car when […]

How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Locksmith?

5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key

How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Locksmith? The price for working with a locksmith obviously varies from job to job depending on what is needed. M ost locksmith’s services start at $50 as a base rate for coming out and taking care of your problem. This may cover the entirety of the service for simple jobs, but most will cost more than this. Here’s how to get the best price possible when hiring a locksmith.   1. Get Multiple Quotes – Don’t hire the first company you see in the phone book. They might be perfectly fine when it comes to their service, but you might be […]

The Benefits of a Master Lock System


The Benefits of a Master Lock System A master key system is a lock system in which multiple locks can be opened with one key. At the same time, certain keys in the system only work with certain locks in the system. This provides some stark benefits to the business owners who utilize this system. Convenience – You probably remember your high school janitor having a keychain with an endless number of keys, creating a bulky problem. Those days are long gone thanks to master lock systems. Having a master key that works on every door in the building greatly reduces the number of keys you have to carry around […]

Why Should You Get a Deadbolt?

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Why Should You Get a Deadbolt? You have just moved into a new home and you want it to be as safe as possible, so you have all the locks in your home replaced. This is something every new homeowner should consider to ensure members of their family are the only people who can get in. One of the main things you need to consider in this situation is whether or not to have a deadbolt lock installed. Most locksmiths would agree that deadbolts are a good idea. While a quality deadbolt is a small part of a successful security system it is also a very important aspect of one. […]

What Does “re-keying” Mean?

What Does “re-keying” Mean? If you have never dealt with having your locks changed before, you are probably hearing some terminology that is new to you. One such term is “re-keying”. Many homeowners are under the mistaken impression that re-keying a lock is the process in which they get their locks replaces. While this is partly true, a re-keying isn’t a complete replacement, but it does provide a cheaper alternative to a complete replacement. During a re-keying, your locksmith maintains the original lock while changing the structure on the inside. This makes the lock pattern different and renders any keys that could previously open the door worthless, making it a […]

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