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5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key Very often people misplace their keys to the lock. However, during those situations, the easiest way might seem to be calling the mechanic. However, you should know certain hacks which you use during emergency situations. Here are a few solutions which you should use if you are in some sort of a glitch with your lock.

Using a credit card for a spring lock

This solution will only work for spring locks and not deadbolts. The first thing you need to do is to grab credit card which is quite cheap or the one about which you do not care particularly, because if it breaks or anything, then it will not be much of a problem. A card that is bit bendy as well as laminated will probably work best during these situations.

Use force and insert it between the frame and the lock. Now, bend it backwards while forcing the present lock back inside the door and then eventually the door will open. However, if you do not see any space between the lock and the frame, then try inserting the card inside the gap between the door and the frame that is right above the lock. During this time pull the card downwards while you angle the same towards the frame.

5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A KeyUsing the screwdriver or thin tools

This method is particularly handy for privacy lock. If you are locked inside, then first try looking for the tiny hole on the door knob and a thin screw driver, or a small butter knife, then take it inside as far as it goes and then keep turning it until you hear a click and suddenly the door opens.

Try to pick the lock

This method might seem to be tricky or really hard, but if you go through the instructions, you will be just fine.

Try to perform the scrubbing method using a paper clip at the very end of the key hole, then lift it upwards and back. Try to the repeat the same in a particular circular motion, while increasing the pressure on every Allen wrench every time until you can finally feel that the lock shifts.

5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A KeyMethod of pin by pin

In the previous method if you are unable to unlock the lock, then make sure that you gradually put the paperclip inside while you still maintain the pressure on every Allen wrench. Make sure that you repeat the process with more and more pins until the entire lock turns and finally it unlocks.

Last but not the least, you can always try to unlock the door by removing the hinges using a screwdriver.

5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (775) 355-4771


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